Communities in Bloom

Vancouver’s boulevards and traffic circles, in recent years, have just exploded with greenery and blossoms. Ever wonder who plants and maintains these public gardens? It’s people like you and me. Gardeners who’ve recently divided perennials. Who see a bare patch of dirt and think, “I have just the plant for that spot!” It doesn’t take much: talk to your neighbours. Plan a planting day. You can even sponsor a street garden. The City of Vancouver supports a program called Green Streets, which offers Vancouverites an opportunity to become volunteer street gardeners. Residents sponsor a traffic circle or corner bulge garden. The City provides guidelines for planting and runs a Street Gardener Information Exchange, which allows participants to share information and plants, and ask for advice.

It’s good for the earth, good for the community, and good for people. There’s an international movement behind community planting. Check out Communities in Bloom for more info.

Here’s a photo of a beautiful community garden in my East Vancouver neighbourhood. Inspired yet?

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