The Eden Project
Andrea Bellamy |

How cool is this? You know when, in sci-fi movies, an alien bacteria creates an inhospitable Earth, the heroes simply band together and create a biosphere-type orb out of plastic wrap that they can live in safely while repopulating the planet?

Tim Smit, co-discoverer of The Lost Gardens of Heligan, who I’m beginning to think is the most brilliant man ever, has now brought us The Eden Project.

It started as a crater, and is now home to over 100,000 plants representing three of the world’s climate zones (“biomes”).

“The Humid Tropics” (Rainforests and Tropical Islands) is the theme of the first biome (the world’s largest greenhouse!), while “The Warm Temperate regions” (the Mediterranean, South Africa & California) are represented by the second biome. The third, or “Outdoor Biome”, is a temperate zone where a range of plants from the India to Russia rub shoulders with the native flora of Cornwall, and the Atlantic rainforests.

I wanna go!

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