Guerilla Gardeners
Andrea Bellamy |

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of guerilla gardening. Of resisting the concrete sprawl and challenging the ownership of vacant lots. It’s not a new idea; the movement started in New York’s Bowery district in the 70s with a landscape painter named Liz Christy.

She spearheaded the reclaimation of the streets by turning vacant lots into guerilla community gardens. More than 800 gardens moved neighborhoods away from crime, toward community action, better diets and cleaner environments. The gardens trained a generation of activists and spawned other environmental projects, in New York and overseas (Environmental Tipping Points).

The group experimented with tossing seed grenades, into vacant lots: Christmas ornaments and water balloons packed with seeds, compost and water.

I’ve always wanted to throw a seed grenade. I image it would feel exhilirating and a bit naughty. Whee! So it is my mission now to test this theory. And I have a perfect lot that needs beautifying. Except it’s winter, so I can’t grow seeds. Maybe I should do some last-minute guerilla bulb planting…

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