Indoor composter
Andrea Bellamy |

I’m pretty sure I need the new Nature Mill indoor composter. Here’s the scoop. Ben and I are moving into our new home within the next three months. And while I’m happy because it’s the first place we’ve owned together, it’s gonna be tiny. And the garden is going to be even tinier.

I’ve been struggling with the compost question. Where we live now, I have FIVE – count’em – five compost bins. But when we move…well, let’s just say there won’t be room for even the smallest compost bin. I brought up the option of an indoor worm bin, but Ben wasn’t having any of it. But this is another story. Apparently it will take up to 5lbs of waste daily. There’s no odor. It’s clean-looking. And it produces a practically-endless supply of compost! I think this is love…

Via Gizmodo.

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