LED overload
Andrea Bellamy |

Remember when, in the early 2000s, “extreme” became the lazy marketer’s solution to naming new products and we were suddenly bombarded with extreme fruit juices, extreme razors and even extreme shower heads? Tack the word “extreme” onto any lame product and suddenly – it’s cool!

That’s how I’m feeling about LED technology these days. Yes, I know it’s more environmentally friendly than standard lighting, but… well, it’s just too darn trendy. Case in point: LED pacifiers. Ew.

Enter the Bordato Illuminated Planter, an LED planter from Design Within Reach. Lightweight and lit from inside, Bordato Planters are made of double-walled plastic material, letting plants withstand cold far better than ordinary planters can. The four low-voltage LED lights provide more than 40,000 hours of illumination. Now that’s what I call a worthwhile use of technology!

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