New year’s resolutions for the garden
Andrea Bellamy |

1. I will be patient. I will get to know my new plot of land1 before rushing to fill it with trend-of-the-minute plants. Please note, however, that I do not have the ability to wait for a full year, as some garden authorities recommend, to note sun exposure. I know my limitations.
2. I will have my soil tested, and amend as necessary.
3. I will be highly selective about the plants I allow into the garden. I have about 200 sq/ft of ground-floor garden to play with, and every plant will have to work hard to earn its place. I want four-season interest, impact, and – I’m dreaming here – edible bits.
4. I will apply for an allotment, now that I won’t have enough room to grow my veggies anymore.
5. I will visit Vancouver’s public gardens more often.
6. I will take on a boulevard planting in our new neighbourhood.
7. Get out and enjoy the garden – without feeling the need to suddenly start pruning or weeding.

I think that’s about it for now. What are your garden resolutions?

1 We are scheduled to move in to our new home on January 30. Yay!

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