The Best Week Ever
Andrea Bellamy |

I’ve been back since Monday, but this being the Best Week Ever, I’ve been a little busy. Certainly too busy to look at all 900 of my Cuba photos, let alone upload them and write about our vacation. So I’m giving you a very small sampling with the above photo of what the locals called Aroma floridita but I can only find referred to as ‘Ohi’a Lehua on the web. In short, Cuba was awesome. Yay!

The day after we returned, we had the inspection for our new townhouse, which is finally finished (another yay!). I couldn’t really concentrate on the finer details of the water heater and whatnot because … Ben proposed! (In the kitchen, which is very appropriate for my gourmand boyfriend – whoops – fiance. Strange, that word.)

I can’t stop grinning. Having a fiance – and a pretty ring – is so fun! Wheeee!

More later… when I can control my use of exclamation points.

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