The New Place
Andrea Bellamy |

Since Takoma Gardener asked to see the “before” photos of our new place, and since we’ve recently been informed that our final inspection is scheduled for January 9 (seven more sleeps!)… may I present… the New Place:

The Front
The photo above is of the view from the street, and actually isn’t even of our place. We’re going to be in the building behind this one (there’s a courtyard separating them, accessed through the gate behind the porta-potty in this photo!). But it gives you an idea of what they’re going to look like. This building has three-story townhouses on top of double-wide main-floor suites. Our building is comprised of just three-story townhouses.

The Back
This is a view of the back of our building. These are the tiny backyards, minus fencing. You can also see the third-floor decks in this photo, where I intent to abandon the carefully-chosen zen palette of the ground-floor garden and grow just about anything I feel like. It will probably be the sunniest place for gardening, too.

Our Backyard
This is a close-up of a backyard like ours. I think there was a porta-potty in ours at the time of photographing! So, as you can see, they’ve put down the cheapest, ugliest pavers they could find. Those won’t last very long in mine, though. And the fencing isn’t in yet either, nor any of the “landscaping” (damn you, hornbeam).

Even considering the fact that these photos were taken over a week ago, could they possibly be ready in seven days??

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