For want of a pot

Spring has definitely sprung here in Vancouver. It was a glorious, sunny weekend, and I finally got started on my garden plans. The first order of business, I decided, was to buy some new containers for the soon-to-be kitchen garden right outside, well, the kitchen. Since this is a highly-visible location (on our front patio) I wanted all my containers to have a similar look that would unify them.

Admittedly, this was inspired by a gorgeous display using AW Pottery at the NorthWest Flower and Garden Show. So, rejecting my usual jumble of terracotta, galvinized aluminum and “found” planters, I decided that a matte black ceramic would be perfect for this sophisticated townhouse.

Several trying hours ensued as I set off to find said containers. I tried my local nursery, Figaro’s Garden. I tried David Hunter, Moe’s, Bloomfields, and even Home Depot. The only result was frustration. I saw tons of planters, but every store seemed to carry the same ho-hum designs (except Bloomfields, which had gorgeous stuff but seemed targeted to the grossly rich. $50 for a 4″ pot? Do I look like I’m INSANE?). Okay, there are still a number of nurseries I can visit, but why is it I can say “yes!” to the first wedding dress I try on, but can’t find a damn pot? Is there some secret container shop I don’t know about? Or should I just have a yard of soil dumped on the patio?

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