Now planting … anxiety
Andrea Bellamy |

Alex asked what I’m starting from seed right now, and honestly, my response was, “Oh Christ, I’d better get on that!”

Aren’t I, as a “real” gardener, supposed to be trembling with excitement now that the gardening season has started in earnest (at least here in Zone 8)? I should have started my seeds by now, but instead I’m thinking, “Wait! I’m not ready for this! I need more time!”

Here’s what’s going on in my garden right now: nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. Schnoopette (our cat) is testing the timbers of the new fence. Yep, it’ll make a great scratching post. But other than feline destruction, there’s no garden action in sight. The inside of the new house has been taking up the majority of our spare time, but next weekend I’ll be outside ripping out the mint. Yes, you read that right. They planted mint. A highly-invasive plant. In the ground. In a new development. I am now justified in suspecting that the landscape designers had made questionable plant choices.

So, back to Alex’s question. What am I planting? Well, I’m poring over the West Coast Seeds website, and wondering what the heck they mean when they say:

Wait to plant until the soil is really warm in early June, or start indoors and transplant out when the rain stops. (Soybean ‘Early Hakucho’)

Rain doesn’t ever really stop in Vancouver. But I’ll interpret that as a lessening of the rain… say, May? Phew. That’s one planting I don’t have to worry about. Yet.

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