Covert operation #1
Andrea Bellamy |


If you’re careful not to look down, the view from the east of our home is stunning: all the mountains and trees of a tourism brochure. But if you look down, as inevitably you must, you are faced with the Ghetto House, as we affectionately call it. It’s the burnt-out shell of a 1940s bungelow, all boarded up and abandoned.


It’s not the prettiest sight, I admit. But I don’t really mind it; it was here before we moved in, so who are we to judge? I figure it’ll be gone soon enough. I just hope it’s not replaced with some bohemeth that’s uglier than it is. In the meantime, however, I’m practicing a bit of counter-culture, AKA guerilla gardening.

Monday, April 3, 2006. 1800hrs. Made seed balls using a wildflower seed mix.
Tuesday, April 4, 2006. 2036hrs. Seed balls not entirely dry. Leave for another day.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006. 1648hrs. Scope out back alley for potential threats. Area clear.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006. 1649hrs. Nochalantly stroll across back alley as if out enjoying spring air. Look furtively around.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006. 1650hrs. Launch a total of nine seed balls onto unloved property. Run back into house as if being chased by rabid chipmunks.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006. 1651hrs. Mission accomplished. Pat self on back for job well done.

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