Hot houseplants
Andrea Bellamy |


We went to the Decorate Vancouver “Urban Living Expo” today and met Abby from Kermodi. We saw Kermodi there last year, with their fabulous display of houseplants you’d actually want to own.

That’s right, they sell pre-potted houseplants. But (unless you hate repotting) doesn’t that take the fun out of selecting your tropical and a fun container? Maybe. But they’ve done such a brilliant job of matching plants (like the scilla shown above) with simple, modern containers; something regular readers will know is sadly lacking in my world.

Also, if you’re like me, indoor plants are often neglected in favour of the (outdoor) garden, and frequently get stuck with whatever leftover pot somewhat fits. I’ll be the first to admit: my houseplants are embarrasing. Kermodi’s living works of art have inspired me to save them from death-by-neglect and find them some great containers.

I might be spending my entire summer looking for pots!

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