Organic weed killers?
Andrea Bellamy |

My WBF (that’s Work Best Friend — I just made that up but I kinda like it) recently bought a house. And it seems my garden obsession is rubbing off on her! I’m so proud. Anyway. The garden needs a complete overhaul, which I’ll be helping with when I have a second. Until then, WBF has decided to tackle the lawn. She bought one of those stand-up weeders and has (and I quote) been “weeding like a woman obsessed.”

Now, WBF is about at the opposite end of the spectrum from me when it comes to lawns. First, I don’t think it would ever cross my mind to actually weed the lawn. However, she’s got thistles and small children, which do not mix well.

So, I was looking into organic weed killers for her, and found an article on using common white vinegar as a weed killer. I’d never heard that before. Before I send WBF out there with a spray bottle, has anyone ever tried this? Does it really work?

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