Biting the peach tree
Andrea Bellamy |

It’s Ascension Day, the day Christians believe Jesus went to heaven after his resurrection. Like most religious events and symbols, there are a bunch of superstitions rooted in paganism associated with this day. I always find this stuff fascinating:

On Ascension Day:
– If the weather is sunny, the summer will be long and hot; but if it rains, crops will do badly and livestock, especially cattle, will suffer from disease.
– Eggs laid on this day will never go bad and will guarantee good luck for a household if placed in the roof.
– Rain collected on Ascension Day is said to be good for inflamed or diseased eyes.
– Those suffering from goitre should bite into the bark of a peach tree at midnight on Ascension Day, so that the disease passes to the tree and the sufferer is cured.

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