Name that plant
Andrea Bellamy |


I’m in the middle of a weeklong intensive course called “Conceptual Garden Design” as part of my program. Yesterday was spent touring multi-million dollar properties designed by some of Vancouver’s highest-profile landscape architects (yes, I’ll be posting photos. Soon).

But there’s something nice about seeing all these acres of live-in gardener-maintained perennial beds and manicured lawns and realising that you’re satisfied with your lot. Sure, it’s a mess right now, and it’s terribly small, but I’m designing it. I’m going to maintain it. And gosh darn it, I’m going to love it.


Anyway, at one of the gardens we visited yesterday, this plant was everywhere. It stood about a foot and a half high, and had these lotus flower/artichoke-shaped heads. It’s the same one in the photo of the ladybug. Anybody?

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