Planters – Check. Plants – Check.
Andrea Bellamy |

Before I tell you about these planters, let me apologize for my infrequent posting of late. You probably knew this already, but it’s really not a great idea to work full time, plan a wedding (just 62 days away!) and take an intensive garden design program that takes up every second weekend. It’s pretty crazy. I just try to stick to my to-do lists and try not to freak out if I see an item on those ubiquitous “Wedding Planner” magazine checklists that apparently was supposed to be completed 12 months ago. Whatever.

Nonetheless, I’ve made a bit of time for the garden. After about three weeks of staring at empty pots, purchased after an excessively difficult search, I finally planted them up.


Ta da!


I rather like this arrangement: (clockwise from back) Phormium tenax ‘Dusky Chief’ (New Zealand flax), Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ (coral bells), Muhlenbeckia complexa (wire vine) and Carex ‘Bronzita’ (sedge).

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