Reader question: Will buttermilk attract ants?
Andrea Bellamy |

Who loves moss? I do! I do!

I recently received an email with this question in response to my post about moss graffiti:

I’ve just finished paving our patio with reclaimed bricks and am eager to have moss growing there, but my husband is afraid that the buttermilk mixture will attract ants. Any advice?

I didn’t have a problem with ants when I tried this, but I’d love to throw it out there to Heavy Petal readers. Has anyone found that ants or other critters are attracted to the buttermilk in moss starters? It’s probably a good time of year to do this, Mary, as it’s not really prime ant season. I do wonder, however, if you really want to grow moss on a reclaimed brick patio. Wouldn’t that be a recipe for a broken limb? Sounds mighty slippery to me!

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