Happy Hallowe’en!
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Maryam over at My Marrakesh has tagged me with the Nine Weird Things meme. In the Hallowe’en spirit, I’d like to introduce you to:

Nine Spoooky Things About Me

1. I’m deaf in one ear. I was born that way. There are pros and cons to this. Cons are things like not following group conversations well, and being unaware of the benefits of surround-sound. Pros include being able to sleep next to my snoring husband (I just lay on my “good” ear), and being able to pretend not to have heard something when I don’t feel like acknowledging the statement or person. (I know, I should use my powers for good, blah blah blah.)

2. I have had no balance organs since the age of nine, when I developed severe bilateral vestibulopathy. Having no balance organs means that I’m left with only two of the three resources the body uses to balance itself. The other two are sight and touch. As you can imagine, I’m basically useless in the dark.

3. I fly into a murderous rage whenever I see it’s and its misused. It’s = it is, people!

4. I have been shat on by birds 15 times. Yes, I started keeping track.

5. I’m not a huge fan of eating vegetables, but I love to grow them, and I’m also a former vegetarian.

6. I kept my name when I got married. Note that I personally don’t think this qualifies as weird, but I am really surprised at some of the reactions I get when I tell people I’m keeping my name. Plus all the mail and wedding cheques that came addressed to Mr. and Mrs… I’m starting to feel like a renegade. I find it very surprising that in this era anyone would assume a woman would change her name automatically.

7. I’m allergic to the sun. Well, not really, but I’m very sensitive. When we went to Mexico on holiday, I got a sun rash. Not fun, people.

8. No one would ever call me organized, however, I’m fanatical about my books. They are categorized and then alphabetized.

9. During my early 20s, I travelled through the UK, Western and Central Europe and part of the Middle East (I spent my 21st birthday getting retarded in Amsterdam). I ran out of money about the time I landed in Athens, Greece, and had to find a job so I could continue travelling. I ended up being a “runner” – one of those annoying people who meet the trains and accost the tourists getting off, trying to convince them to follow you to the hostel you work for. People always complimented me on my good English. LOL.

I’m new to this meme thing, and I’m feeling a bit shy about tagging people, so instead I’d like to just open it up to all – what are some of your quirks?

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