Power equipment lust
Andrea Bellamy |


Not only do I have no real use for the Garden Groom Rotary Blade Hedge Trimmer, it also goes against all my basic gardening principles. You know, environmental sensitivity, sustainability – little things like that. I mean, I use a push reel mower – why on earth would I need this? But despite all that, I inexplicably covet the Garden Groom. It was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine’s Best of What’s New! It was the recipient of the UK government’s Smart Award for safety! It has rotary blades that spin at 2,400 RPMs to quickly cut hedges and then shred clippings for easy disposal! It has a built-in accumulation receptacle that captures the loose clipping shreds for convenient waste management! But mostly, just think of the hedges you could shape with that puppy!


It’s kind of like my love of the Power Sander. Again, not so much need for it – I don’t refinish furniture or hardwood floors very often, but it’s just so, well, fun. Perhaps I have excess testosterone.

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