Feeling fertile?
Andrea Bellamy |


It seems some celebs can’t go anywhere these days without exposing their no-so private bits. While no one really needs to see that, we admire flowers, while tending to forget that they are essentially a plant’s reproductive organs.

Lysa Bromaroff reminds us by snapping Mother Nature in all sorts of compromising positions. Her company, Fertile Images and Design, is founded on capturing the alluring, sensual side of flora. And she does it exceptionally well. Many of her images carry me off to a warm spring day of lazing under a tree, lulled by the breeze and the sun peeking through the branches.


On her website, Lysa says ” I never would have known I was a photographer or a designer if I hadn’t quit my job and gone for a walk.” Although she has been “dragged by the eye toward photography” all of her life, Lysa has no formal photography training. Most of the art in her home is photographic in nature, however, and she worked with photographers in her capacity as writer/creative director in the ad world.


It was the little Lomo Action Sampler, bought on a trip to Amsterdam, that started it all. The “first few rolls were very dull and disappointing,” she says, until she took the Lomo “to the Napa Valley and caught some cherry blossoms doing their thing.”


“The photo looked like a Chinese screen,” Lysa says, “and the home decor potential hit me then and there.”


Indeed. I am totally coveting her work, and her mad skills with the camera. So, I asked, “if a gardener asked you for some photography tips, what would your advice be?”

“Shoot in any light,” Lysa says. “Bad weather makes for good photos. Get on the ground. Plus, leaves and limbs have beauty too.” Well said, Lysa. And thanks for sharing!

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