Rainy day blues
Andrea Bellamy |

Vancouver, in the summertime, is a lovely place. Most of the year, I am thrilled to live in this beautiful city. During the summertime, (especially summers like the one we just had) when water shortages and restrictions are common, it’s almost possible to convince yourself that you must have imagined the unrelenting Vancouver winter rains.


But then this. Over 100mm (4in) in 24 hours. Wet, wet, wet.


My garden is like, “ehn!” Flattened.


But before I can complain (too much) about the rain, on my walk to the grocery store I note that, judging by the moss-and-fern-bedecked street trees (which strangely I’ve never noticed until now) I do live in a temperate rainforest climate after all! And it’s what makes this city so beautiful. So, I tell myself, “quit yer whining, girl,” and am grateful for my new gumboots.

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