Winter wonderful
Andrea Bellamy |

My back patio this morning.

Let me tell you about Vancouver. Viewed in light of the Canadian stereotype (igloos, sled-dogs, cops on horseback dressed in red, people saying “aboot” instead of “about,” Celine f*ing Dion playing on every stereo), Vancouver is the antithesis. (Actually, I’m not sure any part of Canada meets that sad criteria, but bear with me.)

But I think what sets Vancouver apart is its mild climate. It snows maybe once a winter, and is washed away within a day or two, so we don’t share that bond common with the rest of Canada. Eastern transplants always make fun of us native Vancouverites because of it – snow falls, and we all freak out. No one is ever prepared – no salt, no winter tires, nada. Which is why I’m at home today instead of work. Work was cancelled because of the snow! I don’t think that would ever happen in Halifax or Toronto.

So, here’s a word to my Vancouver-area neighbours: remember to knock the snow off the limbs of your trees – they can break under the weight.

The Fagus sylvatica across the courtyard from me needs some help.

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