Happy New Year!
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Hot pepper bouquets at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Happy 2007, friends, and brightest wishes for the new year. I hope it will be full of joy, good health, and good times in the garden.

Time to take a look at last year’s resolutions for the garden and see how I’ve done.

Last year I resolved to be patient, getting to know my garden before planting. I resolved to be highly selective with the plants allowed into my garden. I said every plant had to work hard to earn its place. With these two resolutions, I’ve done well, not necessarily through patience but through lack of funds. A mortgage, a wedding, and the garden design program all put a damper on my gardening budget. So last year I basically ignored the backyard, my main garden space, because it needs so much work. Those are my primary resolutions for this year:

1. Finish the design for the back garden
2. Implement

I’m happy with what I’ve done in my front patio area with the containers and the raised bed. This year:

3. I’ll make improvements. I’ll remove the escallonia the developer planted. I’ll see how my bulbs do, and I’m sure I’ll try to squeeze a few more perennials in. I’ll definitely buy more Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ to replace last year’s. I loved that plant. Too bad it’s not hardy.

Last year, I resolved to test my soil and amend as necessary. Umm… … well, I bought the testing kit! This year:

4. Test the bloody soil.

Last year, I resolved to “apply for an allotment, now that I won’t have enough room to grow my veggies anymore.” Actually, I did. Have room, that is. I applied for an allotment, got one, and then passed on it because I realized I wouldn’t have the time to properly devote to it. With the demand for allotment space, I thought someone else would benefit more than me. And because I didn’t redo the backyard, I had plenty of space to plant my veggies! This year, I won’t apply for an allotment – I’m going to focus on what I’ve got here.

Last year, I resolved to visit Vancouver’s public gardens more often. Done! I did a lot of garden tours and visits with my garden design program.

Last year, I resolved to take on a boulevard planting in our new neighbourhood. Done! This year:

5. I resolve to spend more time on my boulevard section.

Last year, I resolved to “get out and enjoy the garden – without feeling the need to suddenly start pruning or weeding.” Sigh. That’s always tough. I don’t know if I can say this is accomplished. It’s more like an ongoing project. I guess I’ll carry it forward.

More of my resolutions are at 43 Things.

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