Teeny terrariums – big love
Andrea Bellamy |


Maybe it’s true that Victorian is the new modern, ’cause I keep seeing terrariums everywhere.

I’m not really into Victoriana, but I am obsessed with terrariums. Not exactly with keeping or creating them; just in looking at lovely ones online. You know, the lazy kind of obsession. First there was the sleek-n-sexy Terradome (above) from ModernPast.

Then Mighty Girl showed us how she created her own (those are hers, above).


Mighty Girl also led me to Paula Hayes’ handblown glass ones (yep, that’s her gorgeous creation above). Check out Paula’s Flickr site here to see more of these ethereal beauties.

Pretty inspired, eh? It’s almost enough to make me step away from the keyboard and go shopping for bromelaids. Almost.

Visit the Terrarium Museum or check out other peoples’ creations on Flickr.

Photos, top to bottom, from ModernPast, Mighty Girl and Paula Hayes.

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