Eva solo lust

So I just crawled out from under my rock and discovered Eva Solo, launched in 1997 as an offshoot of a 60-year old Danish company. Driven by design duo Claus and Henrik, Eva Solo makes sweet product magic. I am pretty much in love with each of their products – and there are many in the outdoor living vein. There are no garden tools as such, but let this be my official declaration that should they design some, I’m buying ’em.


Birds have been the recipient of their magic touch, with the bird box (above) and bird table (below). They also make lovely oil lamps and flower pots.

But it’s their grill I’m really coveting. Right now, my husband is dreaming of something like this but has had to be content with this for the last year. I’ve promised him space for a barbecue in the new design I’m doing for the backyard, but I’ve been struggling with the unsightliness of most barbecues. Enter the Eva Solo grill.


Have you ever seen a sexier barbecue? The stainless steel grill comes in gas or charcoal, and when not in use, you can replace its flat top and use as a serving table. The gas version hides the propane tank away, but I do wish they made a natural gas version. Ah well, I guess it can’t be too perfect.

Buy Eva Solo here.

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