Hallelujah, gardening season is upon us!
Andrea Bellamy |


Even if you’re not into Valentine’s Day, as a gardener, you gotta love it. Sure, it’s still cold and rainy, but the days are getting longer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). For me, Valentine’s Day marks a turning point: I can stick stuff in the ground.

In my USDA Zone 8b garden, I’m planting hardy spring vegetables, like green onions, beets and radishes. I’m also planting spinach, chard, arugula and mizuna.

Hardy spring-blooming annuals like poppies, cornflowers, larkspur and agrostemma can also be planted now. Want to find out what you can do in the garden now? There’s something for every zone.

Photo Lathyrus sativus azureus (Container “Electric Blue” Sweet Pea) from Renee’s Garden Seeds.

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