Inspiration overload

As I mentioned last week, a guerilla gardening group recently formed in Vancouver. We met last weekend, and I’ve been thinking about how to introduce the group to Heavy Petal readers. You see, there are just so many cool people involved! It’s inspiring and exciting.

First, there’s our founder and fearless leader, Oren, a landscape architect with a focus on urban ecological design.

There’s Al, who some of you might know from his blog Urban Wilderness but who is now blogging from Al’s Bokashi Blog about Bokashi composting (Al, I must find out more about this!).

There’s Ward, the “boy” behind, a company promoting urban farming and related products and services.

And then there’s David, who wrote a book called Guerilla Gardening, A Manifesto, coming out this April. He also operates EcoUrbanist and is Executive Director of Tree City Canada, a non-profit ecological engagement group.

So many fun, aware, and engaged people! I can’t wait to get up to some mischief with them. Join us!

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