Which plants do you hate?
Andrea Bellamy |

Juniper: misused and almost universally hated.

I’m feeling kind of bitchy today, so I happily succumbed to the three pages of ranting on the You Grow Girl “Plants you hate” forum. Heh heh.

YGG top offenders include:

Cilantro (more for the taste than appearance, it seems)
Impatiens, begonias, petunias and other bedding plants
Spider plants
Shrub junipers
Pampas grass

Gotta agree with the above – except cilantro! I have never successfully grown it, but I love the flavour. Mmm… homemade salsa.

An excerpt from the forum that made me giggle:

“I wish I could hybridize a plant that was as bland, unattractive and redundant as the Stella de Oro daylily. I would then become filthy rich because everyone and their mother has these plants by the dozens. I also think the foliage is dreadful, and the plant pisses me off with its lack of originality.”

As for me, I resent the tyranny of cedar hedging. I strongly dislike rhododendrons and azaleas, probably because they’re often overused and abused in Vancouver. And finally, I don’t really understand the way “bedding plants” are normally used – all stiffly lined up like soldiers, only to be yanked out come fall. But that’s just me.

Which plants do you hate, besides so-called weeds or other invasives? Stuart at Gardening Tips ‘n Ideas has already weighed in, as have the folks at Garden Rant (at least once or twice), and there’s another discussion going on at GardenWeb.

What I really find interesting is the basis of our dislikes. It seems that the ubiquitous, the misused or abused, and the out-of-place tend to be the most hated plants. And what is coveted in one corner of the world is the bain of someone else’s existance.

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