Looking for love. Loveseats, that is.
Andrea Bellamy |

I’m looking for an outdoor loveseat for my third-floor balcony. I know, I know. Sounds suspiciously like I’m wanting to create an “outdoor room,” right? And they have been so overdone and overexposed lately. “What’s next,” you’re asking, “the behemoth barbecue, the outdoor shower?” Well, no, just the loveseat. And maybe an ottoman. And a place to rest my gin and tonic. But that’s it. I swear.

And there are so many lovely outdoor sofas. Or “deep seating,” as they say in the industry. Here are a few front runners.


Modern Outdoor makes two beautiful outdoor sofas in a variety of custom cushion and frame colours. I love the mid-century feel of the Etra (above) and the low-slung minimalism of the Talt (below).


Barlow and Tyrie also make a line of stainless steel seating. The Equinox line (below) has a great retro feel to it.


Sadly, I’d have to remortgage the house to afford any of these. And I haven’t yet found a comparable stainless steel sofa that is affordable. But wood and resin (the new “wicker”) are getting better looking every year. And you can’t beat the prices.


From Walmart, a half-decent looking two-seater (above) runs only $199USD, while an entire set of resin “wicker” furniture (below) will set you back $799USD.


And at Target, the four-piece Home South Bali set, below is just $799, and would look great in an Indonesia-inspired garden.


Personally speaking, when I’m not asking my husband to buy me the $4000 Talt (ha!) for my birthday, I’m keeping my eye on a hip – and affordable – outdoor sofa in a local department store. Where? That I’m keeping to myself.

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