Nice (ahem) hedge
Andrea Bellamy |

Cedar hedges are so ubiquitous in Vancouver they rarely merit a second glance. But in the tony neighbourhood of Point Grey, there’s one particular hedge that makes me giggle every time I pass it. And I actually go out of my way to check on it; I keep thinking that sooner or later, it’s going to be removed in the interest of good taste or some such nonsense.

See, the hedge in question is made up of a series of three grouped cedars. One columnar cedar flanked by two smaller, round ones. See where this is going?


Holy hedges, Batman!


Together, these phallic sentinals present a vigorous demonstration of masculinity (said with tongue planted firmly in cheek).

Who lives here? Why have they planted thusly? Is it all a big joke? Do they sit behind their curtains and watch people fall off their bicycles? Is this a Do or a Don’t? I don’t know of any garden magazine that would suggest this arrangement, but you have to admit, it sure is a conversation piece!

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