Paris? Oui, oui!
Andrea Bellamy |


C’est magnifique! Heavy Petal is going to France.

Ben and I booked our flight to Paris for May 10. We’ll be gone for over two weeks, one of which will be spent in Paris getting the insider’s tour from my sister, who has lived there for nearly two years. Top priorities include wine, eating, and shopping. (Hey. I’ve done the Louvre, Notre Dame and all the museum/art gallery stuff before. I’m allowed to avoid any sort of self-improvement activity.)

The second week… well, we’re not sure yet. The Loire Valley, perhaps, or the Languedoc. Top priorities for this half of the trip include wine, eating and, of course, gardens. Any suggestions? Any gardens I absolutely must visit? Helpful websites you’d recommend?

I’ve already been busy devouring French Gardening, which is full of good stuff, and from which I “borrowed” the above photo (check out their Paris Postcard – weekly tales of life in France).

And I’ll be updating regularly from the road – so you can come along for the ride!

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