Three workshops at the MOBY garden
Andrea Bellamy |

Vancouver locals, you won’t want to miss these workshops.

Garden Ninja presents:

March 24: Soil/compost/mulch
Exposed soil is wounded soil. Soil is a living skin. This session lays out the basis of soil components and their functions – bacteria, fungi, and carbon-nitrogen ratios – for a holistic perspective of how fertility is built and maintained by the soil ecosystem; and how to accelerate and accentuate these processes with composts and mulch.

March 31: Eat your weeds
What plants arrive first to wounded soil? Weeds, and as they are medicines for wounded soils, they are also medicines for animals. Learn which weeds are medicines, what they do for the soil, what they indicate, and how they help you.

April 07: Intro to gardening with the cosmos
The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Pagans, the ancient Chinese all gardened according to cosmological patterns. Biodynamics is a modern language for how to hold the cosmos in mind while dancing through the web of life. This class is an introductory class; a base framework from which to begin observing patterns of moon, season, growth, and energy.

All workshops are 10 am to noon at the M.O.B.Y. gardens, between 10th & 11th on Commercial Drive, under the Skytrain. By donation (suggested donation $5.00).

Contact Garden Ninja for details or to RSVP.

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