Earth Day 2007
Andrea Bellamy |

Happy Earth Day, dolls! How are you marking the occasion? (Yes, I know, we’re gardeners. Everyday is Earth Day. Right.)

I’m heading down the road to the MOBY garden to do some cobbing.

Let me explain. MOBY, or My Own Back Yard, is a very cool community garden project near the Commercial Drive skytrain station (at 11th and Commercial). It was started by a guy named Jason who lived next to the site and was tired of the garbage and ongoing drug use in the area. Jason petitioned the city to create a community garden, and now, four years later, it’s finally starting to gain momentum. Last year the site was cleared and raised beds were built and planted. This year, the MOBY group is working to build a cob shed and a children’s playground.

So, what is cob? Similar to adobe, cob is an easy-to-learn earthen-wall technique using a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water to build walls. Cob is extremely durable, lasts for centuries and creates no pollution or disposal problems for future generations. It’s an old technique creating renewed interest in environmentally-minded communities.

Come get your feet dirty! 10:30 am – 1:30 pm at the MOBY Gardens.

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