Green driveways


I’m working on designing a French Country-style front garden for a client, and a large part of it is taken up by the driveway. Right now, the whole yard is dominated by concrete – driveway, walkways, steps. It’s too much! Anyway, I was thinking of using some sort of permeable pavement or gravel/grass country-lane type drive. In my research, I came across this great Eco Sherpa post about green driveways. Now I totally want to do one!

The photo above is an example of porous pavement created using the Grasspave2 system by Invisible Structures. It shows freshly-laid sod in a Victoria residence. The grass area doubles as parking space and a front lawn. According to their website, Grasspave 2 “is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction,” all while protecting the environment. Sweet!

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