Happy connections
Andrea Bellamy |


I’m not big on logic. For example, I simultaneously reject the idea that there is a divine order to things, that we are “destined” to live out our lives in a predetermined way, yet I also somehow believe that everything happens for a reason. I fully acknowledge that I can’t defend this position.

I’ve had a week where this dichotomy has been made apparent once again. It’s been a crappy week I can find no greater reason for; one of disappointment and frustration. So I’ve been trying to turn this set back into a catalyst for positive change – but am struggling to overcome my own anger and sense of failure. Sigh.

Anyway, today I’m checking my visitor stats (Welcome, Wish Jar readers!) and see that Keri Smith has linked to my seedball post. This is where I think, “this was meant to happen,” because Keri’s blog is full of all the goodness I needed to hear today – like a passage from Hesse’s Wandering, stuff on guerilla art, and lots of inspiring creative ideas. I’m not sure how I never came across it before, but I’m so grateful to have found it now.

The kicker? I’ve had some of Keri’s writing, a piece called “How to be an explorer of the world” set as my desktop for the last month, without knowing where it came from. Let’s call it happy connectedness.

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