Is your garden contributing to climate change?
Andrea Bellamy |

The energy cost for an electric mower (like the Black and Decker model shown above) is typically no more than $5.00 per year – and costs far less to the environment than gas-powered versions.

As gardeners, we like to think we’re pretty “green.” But did you know that gas lawnmowers and trimmers release about 80,000 tonnes of emissions in Canada every year? And in the US, the EPA estimates that gas-powered lawnmowers account for up to 5% of US air pollution. Yikes.

Want to reduce your footprint? A Canadian non-profit organization called the Clean Air Foundation runs a lawnmower and trimmer recycling and rebate program called Mow Down Pollution. Now in its seventh year, Mow Down Pollution has retired and recycled 12,191 gas lawnmowers and trimmers, resulting in the reduction of 270 tonnes of greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions.

To participate, drop into any Home Depot location across Canada from April 19-29, 2007 to return your higher polluting gas lawnmower or trimmer. You’ll receive an instant rebate off the purchase of a cleaner alternative lawncare product including reel, electric or low-emission gas mowers, blowers and trimmers. They’ll even ensure your old lawnmower is recycled responsibly – free of charge. Sweet!

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