Stone plant markers
Andrea Bellamy |


Normally I don’t have the time for most of the nonsense the Martha Stewart cartel cooks up. But I came across this “good thing” in the May 07 issue of Living and thought this little stone herb marker project might actually be both realistic and useful.

I’ve never quite understood the need for herb markers. I mean, unless you’re a beginning gardener (fair enough) or have fourteen types of mint, herbs are easy to distinguish. Or so I thought. But my husband, the resident chef in our household, claims to be confused by coriander, baffled by basil, muddled by… well, you get the idea. (By the way, dear husband, I find this to be an extremely peculiar deficit on your part. Not only are you one of the most intelligent and proficient people I know, but you’re also a highly-accomplished chef. I am highly suspicious that this herb dyslexia is a cheap ploy on your part to avoid schleping outside. Which, I suppose, is fair play, and a small price for me to pay for amazing meals.)

But back to Martha. She advises to find “flat, smooth stones and label each one with the name of a plant using alphabet stamps and dye-based (permanent) ink (both available at craft stores).” I suppose you could also use a thin Sharpie – although it might not look as nice, you could avoid purchasing yet another craft item. There’s no reason why this couldn’t work for labeling veggies or perennials too.

Just be warned, dear husband, that the next time you try to claim ignorance of the subtleties between say, chives and thyme, you’ll find I’ve helpfully labeled them for you.

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