And… we’re back.
Andrea Bellamy |

I apologize for my absence, especially my insistence that it’s been May 1 for, oh, the last three days.

I’ve been sick with a cold or flu or some such grossness, and when I get sick I basically just sleep. I have been sleeping for almost two days straight, with small jaunts to the loo and one particularly ambitious foray to the couch. (It didn’t last – I quickly realized that daytime TV is not worth sitting upright for.) So anyway, I finally just made it into the shower (yay!), and the exertion it took nearly sent me back to bed. However, before I head back to bed, I’d thought I’d write a quick post to tell you that my blogroll has just been fixed.

Probably the only people who have noticed that my blogroll hasn’t been updated in months are bloggers that have since written me off as a total bitch for not adding their blogs. Well, it wasn’t so much bitchiness as laziness – and I apologize regardless. In any case, it’s finally fixed and I can now add new links. I’m an all-inclusive linker, so don’t be afraid to email me for a link exchange.

In the future, I intend to categorize my links according to location, but baby steps… baby steps.

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