Oh Canada

So, Al Gore is calling Canada’s climate change plan (Clean Air Act) “a complete and total fraud…designed to mislead the Canadian people,” while David Suzuki says it’s “a sham, and a complete abdication of our international commitment.” Meanwhile, in Nairobi, Canada “won” the international “Fossil Award” for “misleading” the world, “repudiating” the Kyoto Protocol and “flagrantly … washing its political laundry on the international stage.”

Canada? Misleading and fraudulent? Surely not my Canada.

Sadly, it’s true.

I didn’t really expect a whole lot from our uber-conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in terms of climate change action. But I did expect that he wouldn’t try to fool us with a false plan. Let’s show him he can’t.

In our favour is the fact that it’s an election year in Canada, and Harper has a minority government. Let’s tell him we want a real strategy for climate change – one that doesn’t put Canada almost 20 years behind schedule on the Kyoto treaty targets.

Even if you’re not Canadian, send an e-mail and voice your concern. Do it now.

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