Botanical twist

I love old school botanical illustrations, but have always stopped short of hanging them on my walls. Maybe I’ve just never found ones that are interesting or bizarre enough for my taste. But when I saw Wolfie and the Sneak’s new posters, Fungi and Pods, below, I was smitten.


Soon to be gracing my walls: Fungi! Quirky and colourful. I love it.


And its sister, Pods. I think this one has inspired me to commit to an office colour scheme: red and robin’s egg blue. Delish.


Wolfie and the Sneak (Renee and Charlie – “two crazy kids in love, who also love to make things”) make some truly sweet, sweet things. Like Lotus Seed Pods, above. And next on my personal wishlist, their Freshly Sliced Art – Flora Edition, which is kind of like a really funky, beautiful colouring book. It contains 15 ready-to-color, limited edition botanically-minded prints. Renee does her drawing magic and you come up with the color scheme. The pages are perforated so you can tear them out and frame when finished. How fun!

So go check out their Etsy shop, and Renee’s garden/DIY/art/fun stuff blog. Go on now. Shoo.

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