A good home for houseplants
Andrea Bellamy |


Ta da! After months of coveting others’ creations and searching for the right vessel, I finally made my own terrarium. The photos are kind of bad due to the reflection, unfortunately, but you get the idea.


I started with a layer of charcoal, which prevents mold from growing, added soil-less potting mix, then followed with the plants: a plumosa (asparagus fern), lipstick plant and Irish moss. I added the “lawn fawn”, a perfectly-kitschy little deer, just for fun, but you could easily skip it for a more sophisticated look.

Did I mention that I can’t fit my hand in the top, so this was all done with my husband’s barbecue tongs?

You like? I think it’s fab. (As an aside, there was a lot of grumbling last year about houseplant hatred; could terrariums turn it around for the piteous old houseplant?)

Wanna try it? Here’s a good article on the how-to of building a terrarium.

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