I love my new fence
Andrea Bellamy |

It’s such an exciting time in my own garden right now. Not only is everything ripening and in bloom, but we’ve also finally started construction on our backyard project.

I don’t blog about my backyard much, and there’s a reason for it: it looks like hell. While I love my front patio, where we spend most of our outdoor time – and my third-floor deck, which has recently pulled its act together – my backyard has been sadly neglected. Since we moved in last year, it has been a holding ground for plants I moved from our last home, a rather large barbecue, more sloppy container plantings than is acceptable, and, well, things we didn’t know what else to do with.

In short, my backyard is unfit for human consumption, and thus no photos exist on on this site. Until now…


This photo, taken from the third-floor deck, is my backyard’s before photo: the one with no makeup, bad posture and unflattering clothing. I am sharing this because the makeover is finally in progress. There is no glamourous after photo to share… yet. But there will be!

The backyard makeover plan starts with the fence.


The existing one wasn’t a completely unsightly fence. Certainly it wasn’t the worst thing about our roughly 13′ x 15′ space. But it was the first thing to change.


Ta-da! Isn’t it gorgeous? (Sorry, but I’m so over the moon with it, I don’t care if I’m bragging.)

A few evenings and one full day’s work (cutting, staining, assembling) and a few hundred dollars in red cedar — and it was so worth it. I am so completely in love with my new fence – and yes, I would totally marry it.

Here’s what we did:


We tracked down extra-long lengths of cedar for a seamless look. Here’s my dad working away in the alley behind our place. You can see the old look of the fence here. We didn’t take it down; we simply clad the inside with 1″x3″s.


Ben stained the fence using Cetol.

It is amazing to me how different it makes the garden look! Next up: the pavers.

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