Nobody and Co expanding furniture
Andrea Bellamy |


With a backyard the size of a king-sized mattress, everything that goes into it must work extra hard. Plants are the easy part: just look fabulous and interesting for at least three seasons and I’ll let you live. Hard-working (and *attractive*) furniture, on the other hand, is tough to find. Benches that double as storage units, tables that easily transition from coffee table to dining table-height… if I can imagine it, why can’t they build it? (Actually, they do – it’s just that it’s either ugly or I can’t afford it.)

Now, the Piccolo Grande Table and Piccolo Grande Bench by Nobody and Co isn’t for sale until September, so I don’t know yet that I can’t afford it. Still, I can dream.

This is exactly what I need. At first sight it looks just like classic outdoor furniture in teak wood, but by sliding the structure, the staves separate and double in length, transforming a small table into a big one and a small bench into a big bench. Simple. Attractive. Genius.

Via Treehugger.

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