Backyard progress
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Last time I posted about our “backyard” (I have to put that in quotations because at 13′ x 15′, it’s hardly a yard) it was to brag about our new fence, step one in our garden renovation. I completely skipped step two, in which we laid 1′ x 2′ basalt pavers, which you can catch a peek at in the photo below, because, well, I have no idea really. Anyway, now I’m onto step three – planting. (Woohoo!)

log.jpgI’ve got two beds to play with, and this weekend I started on the little woodland bed. It’ll be full of mostly native plants, though dominated by the not-so-native Acer ‘Beni Kawa.’ Supporting characters include some of the wonderful finds from last weekend’s trip to my parents, like this old log, above. My parents live in what was once “the woods” – now it’s rapidly becoming developed into a suburban nightmare. The property next to them, once a favourite haunt for faeries and local children, was recently razed, and, as sad as I was about it, I decided to see if I could make the best of it. Or just steal some rocks.

nurse log.jpgI love this gnarled old mini nurse log – it’s even got some vegetation starting. Since the property was being cleared anyway, I thought I’d give it a better chance in my mini woodland.

rough stone.jpgWe also picked up two rocks. I love the cracks and lines on this one, above, which is only 1.5′ squarish despite seeming massive in this photo. And finally, the one below, with its intriguing “face.” This one will go in the other bed.

tall stone.jpgIt’s not quite finished (when is a garden ever finished?) but until next spring, here is my modern woodland bed:

side bed_Oct07.jpgLeft to right: moss, which will hopefully grow together lusciously and lushly (the back gate swings over this portion so I kept the plantings low). What is that square of blue stones, you ask? It’s standing in for a future water feature – just pretend, okay? Behind it will be some pondside, moisture-loving plants. Behind that is the log, and behind the log I intend to plant a snowberry. Moving right, I’ve got a Soft Shield Fern (Polystichum setiferum), Arum italicum, tiarella, Acer ‘Beni Kawa,’ salal and a Western Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum). I still would like to find room for a huckleberry. No wonder my back is sore today.

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