Moss art by Edina Todoki

moss_art.jpgCheck out this new brand of moss art by artist Edina Todoki I found via Inhabitat. Todoki, who describes herself as a “culitvator of eco-urban sensitivity,” says of the project, “City dwellers often have no relationship with animals or greenery. As a public artist I feel a sense of duty to draw attention to deficiencies in our everyday life.”  


Some are calling this moss graffiti. It certainly seems like a more successful method than the “moss paint” method I tried. And it’s certainly eye-catching and attractive. I just have to wonder where all that moss came from. I hope it wasn’t wild harvested in such quantities. Wouldn’t that be kind of ironic? What do you think?

On another note, I read this blog post detailing a guerilla art project, and I am so inspired to do the same! Anyone care to join in? 

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