Maple leaf love


What I’m loving this week:

“Leaf walks”: long walks in search of the best, driest, most-kickable leaves. Something comes over me when I spy a nice thick stretch of colourful leaves. I am compelled to run through them, doing a series of low, straight-legged kicks that send the leaves flying and which cannot fail to make me feel happy. Try it. You’ll see.

front and back.jpg

Flaming red Acer rubrum, the Red Maple, and, more specifically, the sight of its fallen leaves. They look like scraps of red and white paper to me, all scattered around in perfect disarray.

red_maple_leaves.jpgThe arrival of daylight savings time, which brings sunrises that are late enough to catch the end of, and dusks that bring the incredible, spooky sight of the nightly migration of Metro Vancouver’s huge murder of crows.


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