Compostable diapers
Andrea Bellamy |

us_goodwill_home.jpggDiapers: cute – and good for the earth.

In just four months, I’ll be contending with mountains of stinky diapers. It seems to be the one given in a postpartum world. I mean, there’s a chance the Lentil might take after his or her momma and sleep through the night from three weeks old (please, Holy Mary, please). Or there could be colic and irritability and general chaos (more likely). When it comes down to it, poop, it seems, is the one constant.

Until recently, I hadn’t given a whole lot of brain space to the diaper dilemma. I knew that I didn’t want to use traditional disposables for obvious reasons, but, while cloth diapers have come a long way since my butt was wrapped in them, the laundry requirements seem like they could be a little overwhelming – especially during those sleepless first months. So I thought I would go with a biodegradable disposable.

Then I read about gDiapers on Mighty Girl. gDiapers consist of a washable, cotton outer pant with an absorbent, plastic-free
flushable insert. You flush the poopy inserts but, if you wish, you can compost the wet ones. How cool is that? Hey, as the site notes, baby’s urine is a great source of nitrogen! I wonder, though, do diapers count as a “brown” (dry leaves, etc.) or a “green” (kitchen scraps, etc.)?

It’ll be a while before I can report back to you, but if anyone’s used these, or had success with other environmentally-friendly diapers, please let me know.

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