First snowfall of winter
Andrea Bellamy |

snow on fern.jpg
Yesterday morning, we woke up to snow. As if the turning of the calendar page triggered Arctic chill. It seems snow has become more and more common in Vancouver over the past few years. I guess that’s part of the global warming/weird weather phenomenon. At this point, please allow me a short lecture, since I’ll be asked, anyway:
No, actually, Vancouver is quite mild. Snow is rare, though lately we’ve been getting it two or three times a year. It melts quickly though. No, I don’t live in an igloo or drive a dogsled (I swear to God I’ve been asked this more than once). In fact, I don’t own winter tires or a snow shovel, though today I wish I had a Crazy Carpet. Those were good times.

snow before.jpg

December 1, 2007: Morning

snow during.jpg
December 2, 2007: Morning

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