In search of the perfect watering can
Andrea Bellamy |

My husband has given me an ultimatum: get rid of my watering can. He’s
referring to my indoor watering can – an old, ugly mauve plastic job
that normally sits on the kitchen counter because there’s never any
room for it under the sink. So I can’t blame him for hating it, really.
But now I need a replacement. Something that will look good when it is
inevitably left out on the counter.
Zack Rocco.jpg So let’s get my fantasy watering cans out of the way first. Like the Zack Rocco Stainless Steel Watering Can, above. It’s $97.88, sure, but so lovely. I could definitely leave that out. Zack makes some other beautiful watering cans, like the Pianto and the Arco.

rosenthal dumbo.jpgI just adore the Rosenthal ‘Dumbo’ Watering Can, which is porcelain and probably heavy as hell. It’s $93.75.

blomus.jpgMoving down the price scale, the Blomus ‘Greens’ Watering Can in stainless steel is a sleek modern take on a traditional design. It’s $43.91.
Rumford Gardener watering can.jpgSpeaking of modern classics, the Rumford Gardener Stainless Steel Watering Can isn’t bad either – and at $24.70 won’t break the bank.
Good Grips.jpgThe OXO Good Grips Mini Pour and Store Watering Can isn’t for everyone, sure. I don’t know that my husband would want it on the counter, but it sure looks funky, and is ergonomically-designed to boot. It comes in several colours, including gray and white. It’s just $7.38
Plastek.jpgFinally, there’s the Plastec Turquoise Stack Water Can – simple and cheap ($2.42). How can you lose?

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