Food Map Design

Food Map Container.jpgJon and Elizabeth of Food Map Design wrote to tell me about their newly-released Food Map container, a modern garden planter created using green design principles. As Food Map is “committed to reconnecting residential space and food cultivation,” the container was designed for growing edibles, but ornamentals probably wouldn’t complain either. Here’s what Jon and Elizabeth have to say about the form-meets-function planter:

“We created a product that enables people with limited outdoor space to grow food at home without having to compromise on design. The container is made from nontoxic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which contains post-industrial reused material. The frame is 40-100% recycled steel. The product is manufactured in Los Angeles County and is 100% recyclable. The container comes in two sizes: the larger raised container allows for gardening while standing; the smaller one is great for kids and smaller scale settings. The container has rubber casters for mobility as weather and sunlight conditions change.”

I love the mobility the rubber casters add; that would be really handy. I can’t budge my raised beds. At $245-$255, the Food Map container is a bit of a splurge. Feeling flush? Buy yours here.  

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